Nature-Friendly Transportation

since 1945

It started its activities in Istanbul in 1945 under the leadership of Mr. Ömer Lütfü ERİM. Policies of integrity, justice, trust and continuity in quality have become the guide for all company employees and the company culture is based on these values. ERLER Gümrük Müşavirliği Aş, which is the main area of ​​long-term growth with its business partners, has become one of the supported organizations in its field with its reliability and quality. The majority of companies that entered the industry after 1945 worked with Erler for a period of time. Besides customs procedures since the first day,
Our company, which provides services with domestic and international transportation operations, created the ERLER GLOBAL LOGISTICS Brand in 2022 for its logistics operations in the face of ever-increasing demands and provides continuous service to both customs customers and logistics services.